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Zoom R8 portable 8 Track Recorder launched

Zoom R8 portable 8-track recording device launched

Zoom has just launched the R8 portable eight-track recording device.

The dimensions of the R8 are only 257 to 190 millimeters. The four required AA batteries provide enough power for five hours seems to work. This makes it ideal for recording device wherever you go.

Moreover it can also be connected to an adapter and even through a USB port. The R8 has two built-in stereo microphones on either side of the device. This omnidirectional condenser microphones are particularly useful for capturing spontaneous moments. Thanks to the two balanced inputs can also XLR/0.25-inch professional microphones.

This recording device is able to run two tracks, while eight tracks can be recorded simultaneously. He strikes out files to an SDHC memory card. The cost of Zoom R8 is about $400.

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