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Amazon CEO says “Stay Tuned” to know More about Amazon Android Tablet

Amazon CEO says "Stay Tuned" to know More about Amazon Android Tablet

There has already been a rumor that Amazon is preparing to launch an Android Tablet fro a last few weeks and it is said to be made by Samsung but yet there was no any official word on the report but now it seems to be true since the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has provided a strong hint toward the Tablet.

When he was asked about the reports, he said that “Stay Tuned” hinting the report is true, Anyway the Tablet won’t bring an end to Kindle eReader.

CES said that We will always be very mindful that we will want a dedicated reading device.” This notion was only reiterated on a different occasion in the same Consumer Reports offices, where Mr. Bezos said that “I hate the term ‘killer,’ as in one device killing another in the marketplace”.

Bezon also said that Color E Ink is not yet ready to hit color-screen Amazon devices, as “the colors are very pale”, but Jeff Bezos said that the prospects are exiting:

“It makes a lot of sense for there to be a low-power, reflective color display. I think that’s something you could build a fantastic product around.”

Anyway with this response on the rumor the Tablet from Amazon is almost confirmed and the time is just to know the specs and made of the Tablet. I hope we won’t have to wait a long time to know these details.

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