ASUS unveils ASUS UX21 Ultra-thin Sandy Bridge Laptop at Computex 2011

At Computex, today is for ASUS, the company has unveiled an excitingly thin ultra-portable Laptop, ASUS somehow managed to keep it secret until the Computex about the device without any leak or rumor. Anyway the device has been unveiled officially. At a look the Laptop seems to be rival for Apple MacBook Air with a stunning light weight design.

Dubbed ASUS UX21 the Laptop is coming with an aluminum alloy shell with a unique spun finish on the polished surfaces. the device powered with up to Core i7 features ASUS’ proprietary software, a SATA III SSD andUSB 3.0 connectivity. The Laptop also has the ability to hybernate for up to one week.

The Laptop has only 17mm thick and weighs 1.1kg / 2.4lb . The batteries inside that are good for up to seven hours per charge and the The trackpad is made out of glass, while the keyboard keys are all metal.

Anyway more details on the Laptop is yet to be revealed and hopes it will be out by the end of the Computex. ASUS is expected to launch the new UX21 Ultra-thin laptop in September, unfortunately no idea on Pricing of the device now.