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Bang Bang Racing THD Game to be released today for Android Devices

Bang Bang Racing THD Game to be released today for Tegra 2 Android Devices

Are you a racing Game Geek? then here is exciting racing Game for you to run on your Tegra 2 based Android devices that will be released today, According to the twitter accounts of both @NvidiaTegra and the developers of the game @BBR_THD it will be released to the Android Market and on TegraZone starting May 6th.

The BangbangRacing THD will provide A home console racing experience designed and optimized for NVIDIA® Tegra™-powered mobile devices and the Game only works out on the Devices powered with Tegra 2 and Company says the such devices only have the power to run the Game. It has given them the power to completely port this classic game from the console version that is on the PS3 to android devices without ANY loss in quality, they say the touch controls make it even better.

The Game features stunning graphics, huge tracks with little shortcuts all over the place, barrels of oil, flames and explosions going off. and the Cars look better. Playbox has been around for more than a few years and have made some amazing games for xbox and PS3 and so it’s hopeful the game to be very exciting for Android Users. check out the Video below to see the Racing Game in action.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]

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