HP WiFi Mobile Mouse Unveiled; Release Date and Price

HP WiFi Mobile Mouse Unveiled; Release Date and Price

If you don’t want to use a USB port for a Mouse or not even need a wired Mouse, HP has solution for you. HP today announced its new Wireless WiFi Mouse thta lets you work on your system very easy when it comes to Mouse. The Interesting thing is the Mouse instantly reconnect the system each time you want to use it and no interference with other wireless devices.

The mouse is able to connect with and communicate with your PC via the integrated WiFi adapter inside the computer and has a 9 month lasting battery as well as five customizable buttons which enable you to create shortcuts for common actions including cut, paste, undo and redo, while a smooth, four-way tilt scroll wheel will help you improve control while scrolling up and down or side to side. The wireless range for the mouse is up to 30-feet from the computer and the mouse is ambidextrous.

HP is also talking about its new Link-5 technology. This tech lets the user connect up to five different HP accessories to their computer with a single USB adapter. Link-5 uses 2.4 GHz technology and has an intelligent sleep mode. The line of accessories that support Link-5 include the HP Wireless Mini Keyboard, HP Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard, HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard, HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse, HP Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse, and the HP Wireless Mobile Mouse. The HP WiFi Mobile Mouse will be released in June for a Price of $49.99. Anyway, what do you think about the new HP WiFi Mouse?

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzzFy4hpL7k

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