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HTC Bresson: T-Mobile’s 16 Megapixel Windows Phone 7 Device

HTC Bresson: T-Mobile's 16 Megapixel Windows Phone 7 Device
Yesterday, an extensive T-Mobile 2011 roadmap leaked out and one of the phones on it was the HTC Bresson which was a completely unknown device at the time. A name has emerged for the mystery 16-megapixel camera-toting HTC phone that we saw a month ago – HTC Bresson. The phone appears to have been named in honour of French director Robert Bresson, which you’d think might lend that 16-megapixel camera rumour a bit of credence.

Our friends at Pocketnow are claiming that the Bresson is a 16 megapixel Windows Phone 7 device. We should note that the above picture is more likely a placeholder for the HTC Bresson as the image appears to be a modified Desire S. The Bresson is scheduled to hit sometime “beyond” September 2011 making it a likely candidate for the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango release. The name Bresson is likely taken from the French Photographer which might be reference to the significant number of megapixels this phone will launch with.

Other than the 16MP camera, there is no other information on the HTC Bresson known at this time. The picture you see here is probably not going to be the real deal and is likely just a placeholder for a device that is likely going to be a big hit with mobile photo enthusiasts.

Then, a leaked T-Mobile ad showed an unknown HTC Windows Phone 7 device, noted by the Windows start screen button.
Since one unmarked phone remains, all signs point to the HTC Bresson being the next Windows Phone 7. The phone is expected to make its debut beyond Fall, so most likely for the holidays, as PocketNow speculates.
Besides Bresson, we’re also expecting HTC to bring the Ignite slate and Prime QWERTY slider to the WP7 family this year, although carriers for those devices (if they are coming to the US at all) remain a mystery. Bresson will likely only be rivaled in the megapixel count by the Altek Leo and Nokia N9/N950, whose premiere teaser advertisement we spotted earlier today. However, as many observers have noted, pixel count alone is not the most significant factor in determining picture quality.
Mango, aka Windows Phone 7.5, has been officially announced as the next version of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Highlights include turn-by-turn navigation for Bing Maps, support for IE9 and Shazam-style track identification. Mango is due to arrive this autumn.

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