HTC Stick Phone is designed for use with Tube Tablet

HTC Stick Phone is designed for use with Tube Tablet

Not so long ago the company NTS provided to the public the opportunity to admire a new concept of ultra-tablet of a company called Tube tablet. And now the creator of this concept offers the attention of users and a new accessory for even non-existent device.

The new device is called Stick Phone, and is a small gadget that can be used to answer incoming calls, which will be delivered to the Tablet PC. The main body of a fashion accessory housed in microphone and speaker, as well as of the start button and call it finished.

Perhaps the most interesting advantage of this device is that it will not have to carry separately in a pocket or purse, because enough to fit inside the body of the Tablet PC. Released devices just as well as the estimated cost is unknown.

The design of the HTC Tube is by Antoine Brieux, who has shown us some amazing designs in the past and has almost definitely designed something quite amazing with the HTC Tube concept. In an article by Concept-Phones they state that the HTC Tube Phone and HTC Tube Tablet were detailed a while ago, so with the introduction of a laptop to the mix, which integrates the other two devices the set is now complete.

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