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HTC to release 10″ HTC Puccini Tablet on AT&T LTE Network?

HTC to release 10" HTC Puccini Tablet on AT&T LTE Network?

HTC is rumored to be prepping an new Tablet named HTC Puccini apparently heading to AT&T, HTC’s first Tablet is Flyer that is 7 inch Android Tablet with Scribe Technology. HTC must have felt that it needed an 10in Tablet to compete other Tablets out there especially wide range of 10+ inch Tablet like XOOM, iPad, and Galaxy Tab.

It is said that Puccini is just a codename and likely to have real name revealed later, the Spec of the Tablet is still a mystery other than a Scribe Technology and LTE support. we could guess that HTC Puccini is more likely to be powered with trendy Tegra 2 Dual-core processor, HTC Sense UI 3.0 over Android Honeycomb. But note that it’s a speculation by myself.

The Tablet is rumored to be released next month. If the Puccini does support LTE, networks it would make sense for the tablet to land about the same time those AT&T LTE networks are available. when it comes to Price we could surely assume that it would cost more than $499. let’s wait for more info and it’s not too far from another leak with full specs I think, so stay tuned for more on the Tablet.

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