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iRiver T9 MP3 Player with G-sensor announced

iriver T9 MP3 Player with G-sensor announced

Iriver company announced the release of a new MP3 player called the iriver T9. Made in the form of USB-sticker, T9 resembles iPod Shuffle: the same display and a similar panel. Monochrome OLED-display is used for navigation display song title and the running screen saver «I love you» (I love you) and “Enjoy your life” (enjoy life).

Powered by a Li-polymer battery, this musically inclined stick is good for almost 24 hours of playback on a single charge. It is capable of belting out WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC and MP3 formatted audio files. The device even offers FM radio and voice recording functionalities.

iriver T9 is equipped with G-sensor, which can be used to count calories during physical exercise, and to switch tracks. To do this, simply shake the player. Change the position of the player 180-degree turns on the replay.

The display mentioned earlier is a 128 x 64p resolution 1” mono OLED screen. Compatible with the Windows 2K/XP/32-bit Vista/32-bit and 64-bit 7 OS, the player comes equipped with a USB 2.0 port. It also packs an equalizer feature into its 82mm x 25.5mm x 12mm body.

There is no actual consensus on this thing as yet, and frankly, I’m encouraged by this because I’m not at all sure how to react to its existence. I’ve tried something like this before in the form of Samsung’s U series, and though it doesn’t offer much in the way of storage it’s nice to have the convenience of a USB thumb drive with an earphone jack built right in because it serves so many purposes at once. But there’s just no getting around it that storage space is downright pathetic, and if they made the iRiver T9 any more geared toward high school girls it would come pre-packaged with a DVD of Gossip Girl.

iRiver still has to tack a price tag and availability date on their T9 MP3 player. Its 2GB variant will be sold in classy black or silky silver paintjobs. Apart from the aforementioned hues, the 4GB version is colored in shades of party pink and velvet brown too.

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