Kelley Blue Book introduces new design look

Kelley Blue Book introduces new design look

Kelley Blue Book today announces a redesign of its top-rated website, revolutionizing the way consumers research new car and used car information. The site’s new task-based navigation shifts the standard online car-research paradigm, delivering the information visitors need in a faster, more engaging manner.

KBB stands as the largest automotive valuation company. That”s 85 years in business and 18 years on the web, and now, like the Orange County neighbors that surround KBB HQ, the brand is ready for a facelift.

People come to Kelley Blue Book for one of two reasons: to get a value on the car they want to sell, or to price the car they want to buy. Once a user gets his or her value, they ride off into the virtual sunset. Kelley wants a deeper interaction than that, and it”s looking to revamp the way you use their website.

Additionally, Kelley Blue Book is re-launching with many new tools to help car shoppers determine which vehicle best meets their needs in a clear and pragmatic manner. The site provides the tools shoppers need to determine how best to stretch their wallet and get the most car for their dollar in today’s economy by utilizing Kelley Blue Book’s accurate data and information.

New tools now available on include Reality CheckSM for New Cars and Total Cost of Ownership, both calculated with Kelley Blue Book’s sophisticated valuation forecasting model and critical financial data from third-party providers. These new tools provide shoppers with up-to-date, easy-to-read charts and graphs showing them what others typically are paying for a new car this week, and providing a clear understanding of the financial implications associated with overall vehicle ownership costs through the initial five-year ownership period.

Beyond the specs, reviews and advertising, however, lies the meat and potatoes of the Kelley Blue Book website. The value of a vehicle, new or used, is that meat, and KBB”s Five-Year Total Cost of Ownership Tool is the juicy au gratin potato sitting just alongside.

Kelley has punched up the visual flavor of each item in a way that allows consumers to quickly grab a deeper level of information than numerical figures. A tool called Reality Check displays the fair price of a vehicle. This figure is based on average transaction prices that other in-market shoppers are paying, and allows consumers to see what others are paying for the same vehicle.

The redesigned brings a heightened level of transparency to vehicle values and new-car pricing via all-new design and shopping tools,” said Mike Wulf, director of product management for Kelley Blue Book. “The new approach eliminates the confusion and angst consumers feel during the research process by taking what is often perceived as complex information and displaying it in a way that is visual and easy to understand.”

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