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Microsoft Windows Phone Mango Update announced; Bringing Multitasking, IE9 and more this fall

Microsoft Windows Phone Mango Update announced; Bringing Multitasking and IE9 and more this fall

Finally the Update for Microsoft Windows Phone the Mango is official, after the Ballmer announced that the New update would bring over 500 new features people all over the world were excitingly waiting to know those features. Here is the summary of the features we have with the new Windows Phone Mango.

1. Multitasking,
2. Internet Explorer 9,
3. Built-in speech-to-text and text-to-speech,
4. Threaded conversations, allowing you to have an eagle-eye view of all your texts, chats and emails,
5. Groups, making it easy to message multiple people at once,
6. Better integration with social networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter integration in People
7. Linked inbox allowing you to control multiple email accounts,
8. Connect app for better organizing your applications,
9. Improved Live Tiles,
10. Visual Voice Mail.

Here we have covered only 10 features but still 490 features are remaining and still on mystery and hopes it will be coming at the event. Anyway release of the new Update is not so close and only expects late this year.

And you have more options to buy Windows Phone now other than made by traditional HTC, Dell, LG and Samsung etc.. expected new companies include Chinese ZTE, Acer and Fujitsu, even though those companies may be bringing lower spec devices.

The Company has also released a new SDK for developers named Windows Phone Mango SDK Beta with new features and will come with more than 1500 APIs:

  • Multitasking withing apps for switching, background processing and file transfers,
  • Deeper phone integration with features like Live Tiles
  • Access to the camera and Motion Sensor library
  • Anyway check out the Video below to see the update in action and read more about the update on the Microsoft press release.

    Source: Microsoft Romania


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