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MSI introduces WindTop AE2211G, AE2211 and AE2230 Super Color LED All-in-One Desktops at Computex

MSI introduces WindTop AE221G, AE2211 and AE2230 All-in-One Desktops at Computex

MSI has unveiled new All-in-One desktop PCs. The devices are super color LED desktops dubbed Wind Top AE2211G, AE2211 and AE2230. They are all coming with second generation Intel Core central processing units (Sandy Bridge) on board.

These All-in-One desktops are first to ingrate LED backlit technology. Offering 1920 × 1080 pixel Full-HD resolution devices also have displays of 22 and 24 inches in diagonal.The devices also features HDMI outputs (for streaming media to auxiliary HDTVs or monitors), plus the Wind Touch 4 user interface to go with the Windows 7 operating system and virtual 5.1-channel surround sound.

MSI hasn’t revealed any details on desktops’ release date or pricing yet. We will surely let you know when it is available.




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