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Nokia N9 Meego Smartphone gets FCC approval; release date soon?

Nokia N9 Meego Smartphone got FCC approval; release date soon

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified the device under the symbol Nokia RM-680. As expected, the number of the smartphone Nokia N9 , which is running an operating system MeeGo. This means that the device was a little closer to release, and may go on sale in the foreseeable future. Site FCC, as often happens, a little information about the smartphone, there are no photographs of him, though the sketch is available there really is shaped like a Nokia N9 (N9-00) as he is known for the “live” photos.

Of the characteristics of the device to the FCC site mentioned mobile communication GSM and WCDMA (850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 MHz) – Frequency 3G suited for U.S. operators like AT & T and T-Mobile. In addition, where indicated, that the tests were carried out Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, that is, a wireless connection is also available.

Judging from the photo Nokia N9, which were published earlier, a slider with a touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. True, a model rumored to have been canceled. However, if it is she is now endorsed by FCC, is expected to be relatively imminent announcement. According to more recent data, some model of Nokia’s developer based MeeGo appear in June, perhaps it is the Nokia N9. The source said that at MeeGo Conference in 23-25 May, announcement of the device should be expect.

One thing, Nokia. Please ensure the software is top-notch before you release the N9 into the wild. The N8’s camera was divine but the Symbian-based user interface was dire. If you’re using an operating system that’s so far been sitting on the sidelines watching Android and iOS slug it out, you’d better make sure it’s super fit and ready for action.

The last developer-centric smartphone released by Nokia was the Nokia N900, which ran the Maemo 5 operating system. The device offers more power than Symbian^3 and was promoted as being more open than Android. However, after Maemo, Nokia decided to roll that operating system together with Intel’s Moblin OS in the hopes of creating momentum behind the co-developed MeeGo.

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