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Portable Air Conditioner from Handy, runs on batteries or on USB – Review

Portable Car Air Conditioner from Handy

Small fan that can cool air up to 30F. This revolutionary evaporative cooling fan is the closest thing to a hand held mini air conditioner! Use it outdoors or keep it indoors as a desk fan. Provides gentle cool breeze. Uses evaporative cooling technology. Add water to soak the cooling filter. Ambient air is forced through the wet cooling filter and cools down. Works best in dry and hot climates. Fully portable and mobile, take it literally anywhere you want. Rotatable turbine wheel allows adjustment of the cool breeze of air.

This product is an amazing innovation. It might not resemble any sort of product you see on the Walmart shelves, but it sort of looks like a hand held camera. It’s actually a little air cooler that helps cool air by using a cooling filter that needs water refilled every couple of hours.

It’s great for people to are always on the go, or for those of you who can’t bear the outdoor heat. I go back to Japan every year, and I’m surprised I finally see something in the states that Japan does not have yet! YES very surprising.

Anyhow, I decided to do my first video review. Please be easy on your comments. Before I bought this, I was confused how this thing works. The description says to add water to the device, but it isn’t very clear on how this is done. You basically have to manually remove the cover and pour water onto the cooling pad which can be quite troublesome when you are outside. I hope this video gives a better understanding.

Funny how the unit sounds really noisy in the clip whilst in real life it really isn’t noisy at all. The unit is barely noticeable while I work on my computer. Sometimes its so quiet that I even forget that I left it turned on.

The cooling test part was performed with a dual reading thermometer. It was a rather-cool-day, the temp was around 76 degree F, and 55% RH. The cooling it produced was 10F. If you used it in a hotter and drier place, the air coming out can be alot cooler. Fair enough, at quite a `cool’ room temperature the unit doing 10F temperature is quite comfortable, especially when you are irritated from your sweating underwear!

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Here is a review video,

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