RIM to release Keyboard for BlackBerry PlayBook soon

It’s not long since the BlackBerry Play was released and rumor started to emerge that a 10 inch version of the PlayBook may be launched later this year. what is exciting is that a Keyboard for Tablets nowadays has become some sort of trend especially since the ASUS Eee pad Transformer was released, although the Peopole might be buying the Tablet to avoid the devices such as netbook and Laptop coming with Keyboards. Anyway Some may decide to have both experience, with and without keyboard so, keyboard makes sense.

Meanwhile it’s heard that RIM is prepping to release Keyboard for PlayBook and some of the Keyboard Images have been surfaced online. The keyboard appears to have nicely spaced keys with the shift key being a bit smallish, but in the right place. The tip that the official keyboard is on the way came directly from RIM’s Bruce Winter, who is head of accessories at the firm.

The render and the prototype in the blurry pic lack a trackpad, but the product that comes to market will reportedly have a trackpad.

The Keyboard is wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth That makes a lot of Sense and  but yet carrying the Keyboard may be irritating if there is no Docking capability just like ASUS Eee Pad Transformer I think. But report says  RIM will be bringing the keyboard as dock and will let users to fold the device. The release date of the Keyboard hasn’t been revealed yet but expects it soon.