Samsung introduces Samsung SENS-240 navigation tablet in Korea

Samsung today introduced a new hybrid Tablet in Korea, dubbed SENS-240 is rather different from the regular Tablet and acts more like a car navigation system. The Tablet can be used to bring you voice, data, voice search, and video features on the big screen (it’s relatively big compared to your smartphone), along with your navigation needs, paring up with the Samsung Android Smartphones.

Samsung SENS-240 equipped with a 1.43GHz processor features a 7″ display (800 x 480), 256MB of RAM, a USB 2.0 port and an SD Card slot. The Tablet is also capable of displaying  3D Maps to see the places more clearly and once GPS is no more needed turn your Tablet in to a Media Streamer.

You paired smartphone can also be used as a remote control for the tablet, though without tactile buttons on your smartphone it’s going to be hard to use while driving, unless you get someone else to use your phone for you. Currently there is no info on Tablets Pricing and Release on other countries.