Samsung Omnia 7 Patch released; Fixes WP7 Build 7392 Update Errors

Samsung makes some of the most attractive Windows phones, and when it comes to updates it seems also the most troublesome. After problems with some Samsung Omnia 7 smartphones, Microsoft has halted the updating process for the affected handsets but last week the word was that Microsoft is “making progress” without anything new to report just yet.

First, the pre-NoDo updates for the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus were paused and now it seems the Windows Phone security fix (May Update) causes some further problems to be rolled-out via Zune – which is Microsoft’s preferred method to update Windows Phones. However, doesn’t matter if Zune is the preferred method or not, it’s always possible to flash a Windows Phone 7 with manufacturer utilities and Samsung has just released a so called “Device Update Tool for Omnia 7” which helps to flash the Windows Phone security patch, in case users have noticed “Error Code 801812C1” while trying through Zune.

Users have to install the tool and the Samsung USB drivers for the phone and then follow the instructions provided by the update tool to get the latest update for the Omnia 7. No word on whether this tool works, since I don’t have an Omnia 7 to verify, but for those of you who give it a try, let us know in the comments.

The manufacturer released an official Update Support Tool today which will install the latest Samsung USB drivers for your Windows Phone and guide you through the process of getting the latest Redmond platform refresh for your beloved smartphone. Follow the source link to download the tool as well as the documentation!

Microsoft had halted the spread of the Omnia Nodo 7 end April due to problems encountered by the smartphone. According to some sources , the notifications have taken in the wake of the launch of this patch. To recall, the update pre-Nodo had also caused problems on the phone from Samsung.

Hopefully in the future Microsoft will manage their partners better, to prevent the repeated issues we have seen with Samsung handsets.