Skype to release an Update for Bug Fixes on Skype for Mac OS

User of Skype on Mac? so just be alerted that a Security flaw has been identified in Skype 5 that enables the hacker to access remote control of Mac computers running the software. The bug was found very recently and that will allow access by just sending them a specially manipulated attachment in an instant message.

One of the Ethical Hackers namely Gordon Maddern based in Australia indicated that he had identified the security flaw last month. “The long and the short of it is that an attacker needs only to send a victim a message and they can gain remote control of the victim’s Mac,”.

According to his Blog, Maddern has contacted Skype inform them of the issue and heard nothing back. leter Skype responded on its own website.

Adrian Asher, Skype‘s chief information security officer, confirmed that the company was indeed contacted by Maddern last month. Asher explained in the post that the issue was “related to a situation when a malicious contact would send a specifically crafted message that could cause Skype for Mac to crash. Note, this message would have to come from someone already in your Skype Contact List, as Skype’s default privacy settings will not let you receive messages from people that you have not already authorized.”

In the post, Asher claims that they were already working on a fix when they heard from Pure Hacking, and as a result the Luxembourg-based company issued a hotfix (Skype for Mac version on April 14. Since there are no reports of the vulnerability actively being exploited Skype didn’t push the update to users.

And Asher says that Skype will release the update which will include the hotfix along with a number of other bug fixes next week. When the update is available It will prompt you to accept it. Asher’s post ends by recommending that users make sure they are running the latest version of Skype (with the April 14 fix). Anyway, what Maddern did is to be appreciated and it’s hopeful for future vulnerability over many networks like Skype.