Sprint shifting 4G Network to LTE from WiMax soon?

Sprint shifting 4G Network to LTE from WiMax soon?

Sprint has been on rumor with its LTE entry from its WiMax 4G network, and now it seems to be almost confirmed according to several reports. Geoff Martin, who handles operations at the carrier’s M2M Collaboration Centre in Sillicon Valley, has delivered more reieable clue over the LTE entry of Sprint.

During a press tour of the facility that he oversees, Geoff Martin commented on Sprint’s alleged switch to LTE stating that there was a “high likelihood” of the technology being adopted by the carrier “in one flavor or another” and that “announcements will be made soon.” Sprint had already made an announcement that it would take a final decision on the network shift.

If Sprint decides to switch to LTE for its 4G pipelines, the technology looks like a suitable candidate for the carrier’s 14MHz of spectrum within the 800 MHz range. “Operating three separate networks [CDMA, iDEN, and WiMAX] is hugely expensive,” Martin said, but once the carrier network gets restructured during the shift, the number of Sprint’s base wireless stations will possibly drop by up to 40% reducing network running costs by a great amount.

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