T-Mobile to release Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update for T-Mobile LG G2x Smartphone in Summer

Since the release of T-Mobile LG G2x Smartphone, users have been waiting for an update for the Smartphone, as the device is running on Android 2.2 Froyo. Recently, a tweet by T-Mobile revealed that the update release for the Smartphone is a matter of time and that users shouldn’t wait too long to see it deployed on their handsets.

At the beginning of May, a leak for the Gingerbread update for the phone appeared, which fuelled speculation that the official update shouldn’t be too far away. Now it seems that T-Mobile is planning to release the update in this summer. Definitely, this is not too distant from now; we assumed that the update is likely to be launched on June 21st.

The delay on the update release could also bring some more joy to the G2x users, as it could signify that the leaked update from earlier this month was for version 2.3.3 and with some luck the update will be 2.3.4 when it hits. It is expected that this update will also bring video chat in Google Talk. Anyway T-Mobile has confirmed the update release will arrive this summer, so, let’s wait until then.