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TomTom HD Traphic Update Now for All LIVE Models in the U.S.

TomTom HD Traphic Update for All LIVE Models in the U.S.

TomTom GPS System CEO Harold Goddijn announced at a NYC event last night that the company’s HD Trafficservice, previously only included with the Go 2535 M Live, would be available on all U.S. Live models, including the Go 740 Live and XL 340 Live. TomTom claims TomTom HD Traffic enables drivers get to their destination faster and is the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic solution available today.

TomTom also announced that the new annual subscription fee for LIVE Services will be offered at the new price of $59.95 per year, previously it was offered at $119.95. This is all part of TomTom’s grand Traffic Manifesto, which aims to cut traffic by five percent overall. Achieving this rather lofty goal in the U.S. would require 10 percent of the country’s drivers to be using Live, which transmits real-time traffic data using a dedicated AT&T SIM.

“We are thrilled to expand availability of TomTom HD Traffic to more drivers in the U.S.,” said Tim Roper, President, TomTom, Inc. “Drivers using TomTom HD Traffic will typically experience travel times reduced by up to 15%, helping them get to their destinations faster and be more relaxed along the way.”

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