Verizon iPhone to get iOS Updates as OTA

Verizon iPhone to get iOS Updates as OTA

OTA Updates let user to easily Update the Softwares, the Android Smartphones have been getting OTA updates for long time and now it seems that iPhone is also going to get its Update as OTA at least for Verizon iPhone  Users.

According to Multiple Source 9to5Mac reports that the new features will be introduced in iOS 5 for the Verizon iPhone, and it seems that you will have to connect to the computer computer via a USB port, open up iTunes and….you get the picture, to load the iPhone with iOS 5.

It also seems that Apple and Verizon have apparently been in talks for months regarding wireless software updates, and now it’s not sure that AT&T or other international Carriers also placing the plan in front of the Apple. But some things need to be changed first – at the moment, iOS updates are over 600MB. Carriers have been getting rid of unlimited data plans which make upgrading a device over 3G or 4G a pretty expensive affair. Normally a file that large would be downloaded through WiFi, but not everybody has access to WiFi at all times.

Here Apple will have to prompt the carriers to offer the Update download for free or reduce the size of the update. Since the update as OTA, a cloud-based back up system should also be in place and it will make the OTA updates more practical.

Anyway, as user of iPhone, what do you think about the OTA updates and which is convenient for you?

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