WP7 Applist App helps you find Windows Phone 7 Apps from Market Place easily

Windows Phone Market Place is growing fast time to time and will be difficulty finding necessary apps from the Market Place as Website. Now Windows market Place has over 20,000 applications and recently Microsoft has announced the full featured web store for the Marketplace and expected to launch in summer with Windows Phone 7.1 Mango update. Anyway what to do until then, so you have a beta version of WP7 applist Appliction for you Smartphone which will help you find Apps for your like and the application is now available in Windows Phone market Place.

WP7applist is a great tool for search and discovery in the WP Marketplace and Now, there is a fancy new app to help you discover new apps. The App features a Spotlight page filled with featured apps, Discovery page which allows users to sort apps into new releases, recently updated, recent price drops and apps that have become free. Each app link gives information, screenshots and reviews of apps as well as an easy link to the official Marketplace to download or purchase apps. The Applist App even has a Live Tile that allows you to keep track of the total number of apps in the Marketplace as well as the number of newly released apps and app updates over the past 24 hours.

For now, the WP7 applist is invaluable and time-saving for WP7 users but when the full features Market Place APP is released, the applist could be facing threat to death like APpBrain that has lost a lot of its appeal since the Android Market web store had its massive overhaul in February.