XBox 360 Spring Update 2011 release date on may 19; adds Paypal

The Spring Xbox 360 Dashboard update 2011 is closer to release. Images sent to Joystiq by a Microsoft tech support employee reveal that the next Dashboard update will begin rolling out on May 19.

While it was thought that Hulu Plus would be part of the Spring Update, instead Microsoft dropped that head of the update. The two big things in this deployment are the ability to use PayPal for payment and deployment of the XGD3 disc format support. The document puts down the update’s release date from May 19 through May 30. But the update will be rolled out in 6 groups, so it won’t be reaching everybody at the same time.

The update will also introduce support for the higher-capacity Xbox Game Disc Format (XGD3) media which promises to be “used in future game titles releasing later in 2011.” The new media format promises “additional storage space on a game disc, and provides additional layers of copy protection.”

Aside from offering support for the new Microsoft disc format — which will “be used in future game titles releasing later in 2011” — the spring system update will enable PayPal support on the console, extending the payment option “to new international markets.” PayPal will be “the only user facing feature” of the update.

Beyond these improvements, there are said to be a number of things that are part of the update but under the hood and will not be visible to users. Microsoft have declined to comment on the validity of the documents sent to Joystiq, noting that it has “nothing to announce.”

Source: Joystiq