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XML Leak: LG’s Next Android Smartphone to be LG P930 with 1280×720 Display

XML Leak: LG's Next Android Smartphone to be LG P930 with a Display of 1280×720

It seems that LG is prepping a new Smartphone or a 7 inch Tablet now, an XML file posted on its site has been leaked and indicate Device that has been codenamed P930. The device is running on Android and has a display of 720×1280 resolution. it seemed unlikely that this could be a phone but P series normally carried by Phones on other hand V is the initial model letter for LG Tablets LG Optimus Pad has a Model Number of V900.

But when you know that Toshiba’s new  a 4-inch 720×1280 pixel screen demonstrated yesterday boasting 367ppi, a significant addition to the 326ppi on the iPhone 4. The company reportedly also mentioned that new technology will make it to retail this year. So more chances are this could be next LG’s Smartphone.

XML also indicates other features like GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA/HSUPA connectivity. The device will also come with 3 soft keys. There is also speculation that the new Phone from LG could be Google Nexus 3 Android Smartphone, but take this assumption with a grain of salt anyway.

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