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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone appeared on Samsung’s Facebook Page

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone appeared on Samsung's Facebook Page

Samsung Galaxy S II with AT&T branding finally appeared online, the Smartphone appeared on the Samsung’s Singapore’s Facebook page is expected to be dubbed as Samsung Attain. The Smartphone was appeared with a desktop dock and seems to be pictured to show off the accessories available for the Smartphone. In fact, the caption for the picture doesn’t even mention the AT&T Attain and merely says, “Samsung GALAXY S II Desktop Dock ECR-D1A2BEGSTD RRP: $68”.

The Smartphone on the images looks different from the standard Samsung Galaxy S II with its keys. Instead of a mechanical Home button you now get a capacitive one and there is a dedicated search button as well, the pictures reveal both HDMI and 3.5mm audio jacks.

At a glance the handset may be felt as Infuse 4G but when it comes to the camera on this phone, it was jutting out of the case far more than the one on the Infuse 4G as well as the power button is a bit different than the one on the 4.5 inch device.

Anyway, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the device, but expects we won’t have to wait a further long time for this beast.


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