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Audi e-tron Spyder Concept Car unveiled at Le Mans

Audi keeps on growing its e-tron family. The automaker pulled a fast one by unveiling yet another electrified monster. Audi showcased the e-tron Spyder to a large audience , as part of the “Le Mans vers le futur” presentation .

The Audi e-tron Spyder can generate a system power output of 388 hp with two electric motors and a TDI engine. e-tron Spyder uses three propulsion units: two asynchronous electric motors that send their power to the road via the front wheels, offering a combined output of 64 kW (87 hp) and a torque of 352 Nm (259.62 lb-ft), as well as a twin-turbo 3.0 TDI unit that is mounted longitudinally in front of the rear axle. The diesel engine delivers 300 hp and 479.42 lb-ft (650 Nm) of torque, sending its power to the rear axle via a seven-speed S tronic double clutch gearbox.

Audi says the e-tron Spyder hits the scales at 3,196 pounds and that the drivetrain can be driver-controlled to operate on electric power only at speeds up to 37 mph for a total of 31 miles. this concept could get as much as a 107 MPGe rating on the EPA cycle, thanks to its 31-mile all electric range. On top of that it emits just 95 grams of CO2/mile. A single fill-up of the 13-gallon gas tank can take you as far as 621 miles, which would average out to around 47 mpg on the road. Not bad for a car that can go from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, and has a governed top speed of 155 mph. I hope we see more diesel-hybrids soon.

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