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Autodesk 123D Beta free download available with advanced CAD Features – Review

Autodesk 123D Beta free download releases with advanced CAD Features - Review

Autodesk has always been a leading company in the CAD domain. Autodesk has roday released a new low-end modeling software called “Autodesk 123D” that looks perfectly targeted at folks interested in stereolithography machines and “Makerbots”.

Simply, Autodesk 123D software is a free software available for CAD enthusiasts who want to try out new innovative designs. If you’ve tried any of the sophisticated, commercial CAD tools like SolidWorks, Pro-E, or Inventor – you’ll know that the free versions do not come anywhere close to the commercial applications.

Resembling Google’s Sketchup software, it combines some of Autodesk’s own “secret sauce” in the form of assemblies and constraints that could make it a great tool for folks interested in the Home Fabrication space.

The only problem with 123D is that it’s only available on Windows platform as of now and we do not know where linux version has been planned. Another problem is that the software is closed source so developers won’t be able to make updates on their own to the source code. On the positive side, you have the facility to export to STL. It’s clear that Autodesk is targeting hobbyists  with this software. If you have any design idea, you might just want to give this software a try.

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