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BlackBerry 9900 Release Date delayed to September‎

BlackBerry 9900 Release Date delayed to September‎

Note: Now you can purchase Unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900 from Amazon here.

With the smartphone market booming the last thing that any manufacturer would want is a delay and unfortunately that’s exactly what has happened over at RIM with the new BlackBerry Bold. The Boy Genius Report has reported that the latest handset from RIM, the BlackBerry Bold 9900, will be delayed until September even though the initial launch was slated for summer of this year. it’s still a ways off, and a bit disappointing when we’re waiting on lots of other RIM hardware, like the Torch 2 9810 and Curve Apollo.

The Bold 9900 has a similar design to the older Bolds, but with a sleeker and thinner form factor. The display is also now a capacitive touch screen, designed to take advantage of BlackBerry OS 7 that brings support for augmented reality apps via a built-in magnetometer.

It also offers a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, NFC technology for mobile payments, a 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, 8GB of internal memory, and more. The Bold 9900 is a quad-band GSM device with compatibility with HSPA+ networks, while the Bold 9930 is the dual-mode version with both CDMA and GSM support.

Hell, RIM is slowly fading, though some would disagree and say it’s happening faster. Decisions like this are to blame. Android releases multiple devices almost every week. Additionally, there is a big rumor circulating about some kind of phone, being release around September as well. Oh, that’s right the iPhone 4S/5. It may not happen, but why chance your business going up against an established Titan like the iPhone.

Not only will the 9900 be the thinnest BlackBerry to date, measuring in at 10.5 millimeters thick, but the new hardware should also make it one of the most powerful. The new 1.2GHz processor runs at nearly double the clock speed of the Bold 9780, and system memory will be expanded up to 768MB. We’ll just have to wait a little longer to finally get our chance to pick up the 9900 and check out the new BlackBerry OS 7.

Note: Now you can purchase Unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900 from Amazon here.

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  • A variety of tech news states that the 9900 will be released to Verizon in September. I had the unfortunate circumstance to spend an hour on the phone with a Verizon manager yesterday that assures me that the 9900 won’t be released any time soon to Verizon. And according to them, the 9900 won’t run on their networks.

    We are a nonprofit, producing a Christmas light display and Christmas Village with the help of 600+ volunteers. We are busy and my Blackberry is the perfect tool to correspond with my volunteers through email and to keep our constituents up to date through social media.

    My contract was up in July, just as the track ball on my 9630 is failing. I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I was to learn that the 9900, originally scheduled for Verizon’s release in July didn’t happen. Now today, my trackball has finally failed completely and my tolerance with Verizon is at wits end.

    According to Verizon, the 9900 will not be released to them. And, having the ability to have 4G won’t happen because my use of the phone is right “at the edge” of their service and “won’t be any benefit to me”. Further, the alternatives they gave me, in hopes that Verizon MAY release the 9900 is to buy another Blackberry from, go back to one of my old basic flip phones, borrow a phone from someone, add another line temporarily and get a different phone until the 9900 MAY come out to Verizon or trade in my phone for the 9930 and hope that within 14 days, the 9900 MAY be released.

    What’s the story, Blackberry. Verizon seems to have no clue and offers no viable solutions to a problem. After this continuing unpleasant saga with Verizon, I’d flip to AT&T and solve my problem in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, AT&T services at my home or the location of our nonprofit is sketchy at best and is not an alternative.

  • Stephanie

    So, exactly when in September is the 9900 going to be release to the Verizon stores.  I’ve been patiently waiting for this phone since it’s first release date scheduled in July.  I barely can use my trackball any longer and of course, if I go with the 9930, I’m stuck with it for two years.  Just tell us when the 9900 is going to be released.  I’m tired of babying my current phone.

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