ECS ICE Smartphone docking Tablet Specs and Price

ECS ICE Smartphone docking Tablet Specs and Price

Phone docking tablets have brought something new concept in this Computex, first was ASUS PadFone with its own Smartphone. If you don’t want a Smartphone with a tablet but want to use your iPhone 4 or majority of new Smartphones with the tablet.., so here is another one from ECS ICE that is expected to see the way out from Manufacturer.

This tablet-sized device is not only capable of docking an iPhone 4 and Majority of new Smartphones,  it will also display all the contents of your smartphone on its 9.7″ display in 4:3 ratio. The Tablet also features an SD memory card slot, a couple of USB ports and a front facing camera.

Interestingly, the Tablet will be compatible with major three platforms- Android, iOS and Windows and targeting a broad market. The ECS ICE Smartphone docking tablet will be released in Q4 this year and expected to be priced  around $200.



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