Google WebRTC Video and Voice Chat Developer Preview released

Google WebRTC Video and Voice Chat Developer Preview released

Google in on the work to bring Video and audio conferencing into the browser, Google has just released a a developer preview of WebRTC that lets you have real-time voice and video chat system that uses HTML and JavaScript on your browser.It also enables developers to create RTC applications that can deliver real-time communications without having to install third-party plugins or client downloads.

With WebRTC, Google has open-sourced the voice and video engine that it uses, providing developers with high-quality processing technology, that is licensed under a royalty-free BSD license. Meanwhile, Android and other mobile platforms will eventually be able to use WebRTC, since the system is built on GIPS technology Google acquired back in 2010.

Google has worked closely with browser vendors, namely Mozilla, including the technology within its Firefox software as well as the IETF and W3C to build a set of open standards with WebRTC at their core. At the same time the Google Talk team is working on moving the software from iSAC to WebRTC but company hasn’t mentioned any timeline for the completion. Check out the a video of the new WebRTC technology below, that shows how Ericsson is already testing the new WebRTC technology.

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