HTC HD7S Priced as $200 from AT&T

HTC HD7S Priced as $200 from AT&T

The HTC HD7S for AT&T is now available direct from the carrier’s online store, or from Amazon. The HTC HD7S is AT&T’s version of the HTC HD7, one of the first batch of Windows Phone 7 devices that were unveiled in October of last year. So far, T-Mobile has been selling the HD7 in the US. The HTC HD7S is the first HD7 model from HTC in the U.S. with an improved 4.3″ super LCD high-resolution display and the same kind of touchscreen found on the HTC EVO 3D and HTC Sensation 4G.

With a 1GHz Qulacomm QSD8250 processor the phone will only offer single-core speeds but it does pack 16GB of internal storage and a 4.3″ WVGA Super LCD capacitative touchscreen. There’s no front-facing camera on this device but it does have a 5mp one on the back which can record 720p HD video. Powered by a 1230mAh battery it is expected to last for 4.5 hours before it needs recharging and will offer 3G speeds as well as world phone status.

The right spine of the HTC HD7S for AT&T has the hard shutter button and a volume rocker, while the left spine is completely clean. The top has the power/unlock button and the bottom has a microUSB port and the headphone jack. I actually prefer the headphone jack on the top but that’s a personal preference.

Amazon offers the HD7S for just $99.99 with the same new (individual) two-year contract. The smartphone is also available on family plans and for those who are already AT&T customers for $149.99. If you’d rather get the HD7S from Amazon with no commitment, it will cost $489.99.

On a contract the phone will cost $199.99 with a minimum data plan of $15 a month. In a world of high-end dual-core devices which offer 4G connectivity the HD7S may be hard pressed to make much of an impression at the carrier especially when better phones can be purchased for the same price. Alternatively Verizon is now offering the HTC Trophy for the more competitive price of $149.99 on a contract. Amazon is offering a better deal on both phones however where the HD7S can be purchased for half the price at $99.99.

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