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Microsoft-Skype Deal gets through FTC

Microsoft-Skype deal gets through FTC

After the confirmation of the deal on Skype by Microsoft for $8.5 billion, the Federal Trade Commission has approved the acquisition. According to an official Federal Trade Commission post, Microsoft received the U.S. antitrust approval to go through with the purchase of the Internet phone service provider Skype and next up is the Department of Justice.

Skype is the worlds dominant VoIP internet calling service provider having around 170 million users all over the world, during 2010 it made 207 billion minutes of voice and video calls during 2010. Concerns arose that Microsoft would limit the support of Skype for other platforms in favor of their own, although the company has said that Skype would run as its own separate division.

Skype lets users connect using different mobile platforms on their phones. Purchasing Skype could allow Microsoft to offer business users more types of  business conferencing tools and sell more digital advertising.



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