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Motorola Xoom 2 tablet, Tracy XL watchphone, and Slimline, Zaha, and Pearl handsets leaked

MotorolaXoom 2 tablet, Tracy XL watchphone, and Slimline, Zaha, Targa, and Pearl handsets leaked

It seems that Motorola is prepping up 4 new Smartphones, Xom 2 tablet and a watch-phone. All these itemsd were leaked by mistake while redesigning the page of Motorola Mobility. The screenshots you see here were caught by, thank to the Pocketnow.

The images don’t reveal anything much instead, it gives glimpse on the Motorola’s future beasts to be released. The first picture reveals a watch, acting as a standalone phone, dubbed the Tracy XL after Dick Tracy. Next up we have two slim devices, the Slimline (the one with its back to us) and below it, the front of a phone, named Zaha (codename, I hope).

Finally at the bottom of the pictures we see a corner-shot of an alleged Xoom successor, of which we only have a supposed name – the “Xoom 2” and another phone in the page bottom-right corner and right in the middle too, called the Motorola Pearl. For the Moment there is no any further information on these device and take everything with a pinch of salt until we see these device announced by Motorola.

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