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Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita Specs Comparison – E3 2011

Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita Specs Comparison  - E3 2011The PlayStation Vita now officially unveiled, lets put it side by side with the Nintendo 3DS. Priced the same, we’re curious which system provides the best overall value. For your $250, which console you prefer to buy?
On the otherhand, Nintendo on Tuesday is slated to show off the successor to its popular Wii game console. It hasn’t yet announced a name for the device or described its features, but the company has promised to present a “playable model” at the confab.

Nintendo’s new device, which the company plans to begin selling next year, is likely to be the big story from E3. The company has frequently shaken up the business with unique games and devices. And there’s a good chance it will do that again with the Wii’s successor.

The new console is almost certain to support high-definition gaming, which is the one big thing the Wii lacks. When Nintendo released the Wii, HD televisions were still a rarity in American homes, so it wasn’t a major shortcoming that the Wii didn’t play HD games. Now that HDTVs are standard fare, the Wii’s disadvantage has become increasingly apparent, especially when its games are compared side by side with those that play on Sony’s PlayStation 3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360.Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita Specs Comparison

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  • Nikasyraaf


  • Johndewey63

    wut ? 3DS can read files like MP4 and AVi

    • Nikasyraaf

      yes ,it does

  • espernay

    PS Vita is a powerful handheld. It’s a new level of gaming which made the 3ds a mediocre device. Well it depends on the taste of gamers as for me I prefer Vita because its a beast and 3ds is for newbies in gaming world. Both are good but I go for PS Vita.

  • Raptor78


    Your argument is flawed, the 3DS wasnt actually going to be 3D initially and was added later and thus the 3DS doesnt need the use of 3D to use any of the many features. It has great gaming without the need of the 3D, thats just a bonus. As far as your eyes are concerned you obviously didnt take notice of the many advisory notes in the manual or on the system itself and adjusted the slider to a comfortable position.

    The 3DS already uses its cameras, much like the DSi did for use in “reality games”, infact Aurgemented Reality is one of the big features on the 3DS. “Reality Fighters” actually comes across as an updated version that at one time was given away as a free downloadible game on the DSi called “Photo Dojo” way way back.

    Fair enough the Camera isnt great but it is fine for taking pics on the go in 2D and 3D and the video function will be a welcome addition. Besides the low Camera specs help for fast direct uploading of photos to the internet useing the on-the-fly internet channel that the 3DS uses and the many free wi-fi spots that Nintendo have kindly arranged for its uses.

    Now unlike closed minded people, I am not here to say the 3DS is the greatest and the Vita sucks, I totally appreciate that everyone has different tastes and what a dull world it would be if we all liked the same things and im sure that the Vita will do well. I just cant stand someone making statements about something that they have clearly no knowledge about.

  • BillyBong

    This is silly , the vita is much better with regards due to the bigger screen , I find that the 3ds gives me tons of headaches and is making my eyes go funny. YOU DO NOT NEED 3D For Great Gaming. If You Want To Compare The Graphics Between The Same Game. Check On Youtube For More Info. The psvita will use the cameras to do reality games such as “Reality Fighters” And The Psvita Has The Touchpad for more hardcore gaming. The psvita has a better camera than the 3ds (Confirmed). If You Are A 8Yr Old Sad Kid , Get The 3DS , If Your a intense gamer and want some fun , Id Recommend The Psvita. Now the 3ds……

    The 3DS Is A Console designed for knuckleheads. The vita is a perfect console and will be used by most Sony and PS3 Fans , As We All Know , The 3Ds has Its Great 3DS Functions. 3DS was a big hit once released , then lost its faith after around 1 – 2 months. I Believe the vita will be a hit for 1 yr – 2yrs as its the better console . As We all the know 3ds has its 2 wonderful screens around 4 inches per screen. The Psvita Has A Screen Size Of 5 Inches and is very good.

    I guess my work here is done.

    Thanks BillyBong :)

  • james braselton

    hi there philiaejohnfon well i pre ordered mine soo i am a nintendo embasadore nintedo giving me 20 free e-shop games soo i got better deal yeah for nintendo embasadore programe

  • Philipaejohnfon

    The 3ds is only 170 now

    • KiDCy

       Lol, he’s right you know.  I thought .3 mega pixel was 320 x 240.  It is actually 640 x 480 I still think the 3DS is better value.  However, it’s still very early days for VITA, and with its tech specs being pretty much PS3, and the 3DS being a gamecube.  It surely has something going for it.  The price however, could very well be its down fall

      • unsfezant

         3ds is more powerful than wii or original xbox

    • nik

      and now 2012 mac 143

  • Brandon Jaquez

    They need to fix the file compatibility. The 3DS can read all the audio files Vita has.

    Battery can go from 3-6; DS mode is 5-8.

  • This “Head-to-head” comparison has a few holes…

    For one, it lists Vita’s cameras’ resolution as 640×480 while the 3DSs’ have 0.3 megapixels.
    I’m just going to throw out there that the numbers are exactly the same.  Writing the same number in two different formats makes them look different, and makes you look bad…

    Saying the 3DS’s SpotPass is for online play and that the image formats for the 3DS are unknown is just ignorant.  The information is out there, and easily available.

    This entire sheet actually doesn’t even mention the 3D image capturing abilities of the cameras or the 3D auto-stereoscopic top screen, as far as I can tell.

    • matt3

      0.3 megapixes is actually about half (roughly 320×280) 640×480

      • Bluejay

        yeah, i was about to point that out, wat a tard

        • GBA

          no, it’s actually the same. 0.3 megapixels = 640X480.