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Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita Specs Comparison – E3 2011

Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita Specs Comparison  - E3 2011The PlayStation Vita now officially unveiled, lets put it side by side with the Nintendo 3DS. Priced the same, we’re curious which system provides the best overall value. For your $250, which console you prefer to buy?
On the otherhand, Nintendo on Tuesday is slated to show off the successor to its popular Wii game console. It hasn’t yet announced a name for the device or described its features, but the company has promised to present a “playable model” at the confab.

Nintendo’s new device, which the company plans to begin selling next year, is likely to be the big story from E3. The company has frequently shaken up the business with unique games and devices. And there’s a good chance it will do that again with the Wii’s successor.

The new console is almost certain to support high-definition gaming, which is the one big thing the Wii lacks. When Nintendo released the Wii, HD televisions were still a rarity in American homes, so it wasn’t a major shortcoming that the Wii didn’t play HD games. Now that HDTVs are standard fare, the Wii’s disadvantage has become increasingly apparent, especially when its games are compared side by side with those that play on Sony’s PlayStation 3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360.Nintendo 3DS vs. PlayStation Vita Specs Comparison

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