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Nintendo revealed their new Portable Gaming console – “Nintendo WII U”

Nintendo has finally revealed their next generation console and it is a radical change from the company’s normal strategy. Nintendo is building a new console, It’s called Wii U (“we you”),The Wii was kind of a big deal … until interest fizzled over the last year.It’s just that it will enter its sixth year this November. And historically, Nintendo (as other console makers) release new hardware in five-year intervals — at least that’s been the case with Nintendo’s four previous home consoles.

The Wii U controller is super huge if you compare it to any seemingly relevant reference point. It’s a comically large DS, or a super fat iPad with a terrible bezel, or it’s a stupid huge Xbox 360 controller. Obviously the big eye-grabber is the 6.2-inch LCD (of an unnamed resolution, prevailing wisdom is 800 x 480). It looks great, with very nice viewing angles. nice color, and plenty of resolution for the size and typical use distance. It’s a single touch resistive touchscreen, with a very similar feel to that of the 3DS, and a soft matte surface. Basically, a feather tap is all that is required, and most buttons were large enough that precision didn’t really matter.The face buttons are very standard for recent Nintendo hardware, with a (small) d-pad and the (small) A / B / X / Y buttons on either side of the screen. The analog sticks, they’re similar to that of the 3DS, with each “stick” actually being more of a multi-directional slider.

In any case, the concept is anything but revolutionary. Nintendo itself has previously experimented with two-system play in the GameCube/GameBoy Advance era, but decided that the functionality would be worthless on the Wii. Nintendo says the console can truly appeal to gamers of all walks of life.

Check out Nintendo Wii U Announcement Trailer from E3 2011,

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