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Nissan Leaf to outsell Chevy Volt with its $35,000 price tag

Nissan Leaf to outsell Chevy Volt with its $35,000 price tagNissan Leaf is a real, no joke, all-electric vehicle that costs less than $35,000 and led to regular consumers.

However, Nissan has chosen to wrap this trip in the protoplasm revolutionary emotion-repellent. Are things of the magazine Amazing Stories, if you want to get the cyborgs and time travel, and replaced “unbelievable”with “a kind of interesting.” Back to the Future “without the flux capacitor, Comic-Con, without disguise.

The arrival of a mass-produced electric vehicle (EV), Doctors without gas tank or exhaust pipes, you should feel momentous. You’re not throwing bad things in the sky. (The same can not be said for the production of clean energy, but still.)

The act of driving the road strangely denies this rumor, as a feeling of implementation of the hybrid stack. A slight decrease in the market for Toyota Prius, perhaps. Run for pizza and the third mile he has forgotten the historic importance and wish the seats were a bit more cushioning.

There is method in this madness (lack of). Nissan is making a huge bet on electric vehicles, with the potential to produce at the appropriate several hundred thousand worldwide.
Therefore, it makes sense that the motor act should feel “normal” to most drivers. After all, ardent pioneers are few and far between.

The blade starts at $32,780 without including a federal tax break of $7,500. Leases start at $349 per month.

The leaf and its competitor, the Chevy Volt $40,280, were released last year in limited markets. The Volt is not a pure EV, as it has a small gasoline engine that can recharge your batteries, offering a wonderful blend of convenience and technology of the new era. To date, has sold more than the leaf.

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