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Nokia Windows Phone 7 Smartphone to be released in 6 European Countries First?

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Smartphones to be released in 6 European Countries First?

Many of the WP7 consumers in America as well as other parts of the world are already waiting for the first Windows Phone 7 Smartphone from Nokia, previous day there was tweet that the Smartphone with Mango update would “blow our socks off”. Now it seems that Nokia is planning to release the  Smartphone first in Europe.

The vice president of Nokia Europe mentioned that Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 devices will be released in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK first; later this year. While taking part at the 2011 Mobile Telecompaper conference, told the audience that Netherlands became an important mobile market and that the country will be among the first six to get the Nokia Windows Phone, this year.

Meanwhile, a Nokia spokeswoman, Anna Martin, refused to confirm his comments about the release of the first Nokia WP7 phones. It’s confusing that VP didn’t mention anything about mother land of Nokia, the Finland, this could mean that the VP forgot to mention Finland, or Finland is not part of the launch.


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