Scrabble Word Finder App for Android info

Scrabble Word Finder App for Android info

Scrabble word game is a well-known in two to four players to form words with individual letters in a simple 15 by 15 grid board, try to make words with the cards you get and try to score the most points . Playing scrabble is very addictive, but make up words can be very hard and this is where the Scrabble word finder and helper applications for Android comes into play.

Scrabble Helper is a free application for Android devices, and help players get to play the best words from his letters, anagram tool is very easy to use, where users can add up to 10 rack cards or four cards together to build off, you can even use the letters in white.

The application also has the ability to sort the results by score, duration and even the position of the letter so you can find the word more playable. Other features include the application running in the status bar for easy access and quick in-game.

This is a free and allows users a maximum of 100 words returned, you can get up to white and the maximum length of seven letter words returned, if you upgrade to the paid version and no limit is with advanced filtering options.

You can get the full version of 99p through the Android Market, which offers: No ads, enter up to two blank cards, unlimited word lengths back, Ability to include words that extend the Board’s letters, the word filtering advanced ability to include words that do not cross a letter from the Board.

Try the free version through the first Android Market.

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