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Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop Release Date Soon Images Leaked; expecting Specs here, Price unknown

Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop Release Date Soon Images LeakedThe premium Z Series line from Sony is about to get a new member but unfortunately we don’t have many details about it. Sony’s next major VAIO Z Series laptop release might have been leaked early, if some new speculation proves true.

That image above is what some folks over at Notebookreview forums believe could be Sony’s next VAIO Z laptop. The image depicts a Sony brand laptop with what appears to be an external optical disc drive, possibly a Blu-ray drive.

We’ve seen its specs (but not handsome face) splashed on various European websites, while Sony, for its part, has only made the coy promise that its newly redesigned S series thin-and-lights are not meant to replace the more premium Z line.

That gadget sure looks a lot like an external optical drive, a really fancy one, but still an optical drive. However some are speculating that the external system could house more than just a CD/DVD/Blu-ray player, the external system could house an external GPU.

Sony hasn’t released a new VAIO Z laptop in quite sometime, and they aren’t known to keep the people waiting when it comes to new refreshed laptops. It could be only a matter of weeks before Sony unleashes a brand new premium VAIO Z laptop on us, we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Now you can purchase Sony VAIO Z Series Laptop Amazon here.

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