T-Mobile LG Dual-Screen Smartphone with Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard spotted; seems to be Flip II

Leaks are typical when it comes to Smartphones and tablets, it either way helps the company to increase the consumers for the device early. Now it seems that LG is set to release a new Smartphone for T-Mobile, interestingly the new phone is coming with a unique design that features dual-screen as well as split slide out QWERTY keyboard that makes some room for the second touch-screen display. The Smartphone was surfaced on Pocketlint with their hands-on treatment.

The Seconds touch-screen can fit about 8 app shortcuts and it makes more easy to access your apps without further effort on the main screen.  Pocketlint failed to reveal more details on the device. According to Pocketlint this new Smartphone is fairly hefty device, fatter than the Milestone 2 and bears some of the same design cues as the LG Quantum/LG Optimus 7Q around the front speaker.

Regarding to hardware, it’s expected no to be final and the resolution of the screen is also still unknown, the rear camera is supported by LED, but no glimpse on what MP it is. When it comes to the name of this Smartphone, it could be LG Flip II or LG Maxx Q. The device turned up when Orange and Kineto Wireless has an event in London to promote the Kineto Smart WiFi solution. It is expected to be a US exclusive Smartphone.