Verizon HP Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.1 Update releases

Verizon HP Palm Pre 2 webOS 2.1 Update releases

After a long wait, Verizon Pre 2 webOS Smartphone is getting software update to webOS 2.1 and now it is available. Released back in March to the global unlocked masses, this update to HP’s platform brings along voice-dialing, email and security fixes, messaging backup (sorry, no MMS), and a Sense 3.0-like charging display that’ll float your photos, agenda, or simply keep the time.

The Update will not be available for everyone at the same time but when the update is available,  just follow necessary steps. Note that when you update your Smartphone, it is better to do over WiFi network connection. Feel free to comment below about the update if you have already received it.

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  • Guest

    cant read the article due to the popover ad

  • Paulie140

    This would be great news if it were true. This software update has neither been recognized nor released by Verizon.

    Chalk it up to another “I’d better put this out before anyone else does, even if it’s only based on hot air.