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Volkswagen Tiguan 2011 may produced in North-America


According to a report by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, the Volkswagen Tiguan crossover may be produced in North America, in order to reduce costs and protect itself against fluctuation of exchange rates, citing some insider management sources with the company.

The Tiguan is powered by a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder, double overhead cam, 16-valve engine. The intake valve timing is varied by the engine management system for better efficiency and increased torque throughout a wider range, making it easier and more fun to drive. The turbocharged engine achieves 200 horsepower, 10% more than the Honda CR-V, but fuel efficiency is about 10% less. The retail price of the base model is currently $23,720 and two upgraded models are available.

The Tiguan’s updated hardware hides beneath a modest exterior updo that’s surprisingly effective. The front fascia adopts VW’s latest corporate look, with a twin split-bar grille and new headlamps that look markedly more assertive than the somewhat saggy fixtures they replace – particularly in SEL trim, which incorporates U-shaped LED arrays, a change that recaptures some of the aggression lost when the Concept Tiguan of 2006 made the transition to production. In profile, little has changed other than the addition of a chrome lower trim strips, and out back, reshaped two-piece taillights look less globby, with more intricate “Double L” internals. To our eyes, the new look is at once more cohesive and premium, and the refined Tig has a more confident stance, particularly when outfitted with optional 19-inch Savanna alloys.

Tiguan’s other chief impediment to bigger sales has been its price. The 2011 Tiguan may boast a more sophisticated engine and a nicer interior than many of its competitors, but its $23,720 base price is well north of its larger chief competitors, the Honda CR-V ($21,895) and Toyota RAV4 ($22,475), not to mention cheaper offerings like the Kia Sportage ($18,295) and Nissan Rogue ($21,460).

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