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AmazonBasics affordable SDHC Flash Memory cards offer review

Amazon offering AmazonBasics affordable SDHC Flash Memory cards

Enjoy reliable performance with features such as error correction, content protection, and a touch of the write protection AmazonBasics Class 10 SDHC Flash. It is an ideal upgrade for your digital camera, or anywhere you need storage SDHC compatible. AmazonBasics SDHC flash memory is ideal for lovers of digital camera – or anywhere else you need storage SDHC compatible.

Guaranteed read and write speeds of 10 MB per second

This card is compatible with SDHC AmazonBasics class 10, which provides guarantees read and write speeds of 10 MB per second or more. It is fully compatible with SDHC 3.0 standards and is backward compatible with SDHC 2.0 standards, so compatibility and reliable performance is assured.

Easy to use, Plug and Play

No need to install additional software – simply plug the SDHC card slot or AmazonBasics any device that reads SDHC cards and you’re ready to go. But although it is easy to use, comes with a host of advanced memory. The modes of self-booking, shutdown, and sleep are supported to play well with laptops, screensavers and more.

Built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) detect and correct transfer errors, ensuring the security of their data when transferring in and out of the SDHC card. And because it supports Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM), is guaranteed to be compatible with all types of SDHC card readers.

Packing frustration-free Amazon

This product features AmazonBasics Amazon frustration-free recyclable packaging. This is, without excess packaging materials such as hard shell covered with plastic, plastic or wire comb. This package is designed to be opened without the use of a razor or knife, and protect your product as well as traditional packaging. Amazon Products with frustration-free packaging can often be sent in their own boxes, shipping box without additional resource savings and waste reduction.

Class 10 AmazonBasics SDHC Flash memory card at a glance:

  • Write speed 10 Mbps
  • 1638 images on the card 4 GB 5MP image settings
  • Embedded error protection
  • One-Touch write protection
  • Compatible with all types of SD card readers
  • Warranty: AmazonBasics one year limited warranty

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