Apple Mac OS X Lion hits 1 Million in 24 hours

Apple Mac OS X Lion hits 1 Million in 24 hours

It didn’t take longtime for Apple to reach 1 million download of the new OS X Lion, the OS was released just yesterday and in 24 hours it reached 1 million, setting a record for the hottest-selling operating system in Apple’s history. The major OS revamp retails for $29.99 and is only available by download through the Mac App Store. Interestingly to note that the company raked in just under $30 million on the first day.

The new update brings 250 new features including multitouch gesture controls, full-screen apps, auto-save, Mission Control, LaunchPad, and much much more. Lion appears to take a lot of inspiration from the iOS interface. The $29.99 price tag for the upgrade could possibly be one of the main reasons behind its hot cake status as well.

As usual the update is reportedly bringing some problems, Several Adobe features are reported to have compatibility issues and many third-party apps are scrambling to optimize for Lion. Anyway, How many of you have already upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, and what do you think of it so far?


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