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ASUS Lamborghini Wireless Laser Mouse introduced; Pricing $80

ASUS Lamborghini Wireless Laser Mouse introduced; Pricing $80When there is a collaboration of luxurious supercar maker Lamborghini and computer manufacturer ASUS, there will be a powerful and aesthetic new device that is what this new Mouse from ASUS proves. We have already met some of the powerful devices by Lamborghini and ASUS in the Market including VX7 laptop and the new ASUS WX Lamborghini Wireless Mouse has unique and sporty design that will be available in yellow/black, white/black, and all black colors.

There’s a nano dongle attachment embedded on the mouse that allows it to connect to any USB port with a range of up to 10 meters. This high-frequency response range allows the mouse to work with instant precision without having to resort to any wires or other forms of interference.

According to ASUS, “Based on the power and speed so coveted in Lamborghini vehicles, the WX-Lamborghini wireless laser mouse delivers a breathtaking experience in control,” “This is the ultimate style icon when it comes to mouse input, inspired directly by the powerful, angular shape so known from its motorized namesakes.”

The Wireless mouse is now available for a price of $80.

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