First Fujitsu Windows 7 Mango Phone to release in August

Some weeks news becomes overbearing and it’s hard to keep track, other weeks the Zunited staff is pretty busy and can’t tend to Microsoft news matters, and sometimes it’s both; that last one may have been the reason we haven’t covered the following breaking news (in previous days of this week) that you need to know about. A few days ago we just reported several rumored details about Fujitsu’s new Windows Phone “Mango” device, said to be based on their REGZA line of smartphones. Today, the Japanese news agency NIKKEI reported that the first Windows Phone “Mango” device, the IS12T (Toshiba-Fujitsu TSI12), will launch in Japan as early as August 2011 via the au KDDI network.According to several reports, the waterproof Fujitsu IS12T will be the first Windows Phone 7 Mango handset to go on sale. We covered the handset in a different context before, showing off as many images of it as were available. If the reports hold true, Mango will be arriving in the market earlier than was anticipated. The update itself represents a large step forward for Windows Phone, a platform that has not managed to ignite the excitement that Microsoft had hoped.

It was with Nikkei’s report on Fujitsu Toshiba’s first ever Windows Phone handset, the aforementioned Fujitsu IS12T. We noted with mild indifference that it had gained its FCC and Bluetooth badges and was all good to launch on Japan’s KDDI complete with its oddly sized 3.7in screen.

Then Nikkei dropped the bombshell that the handset, which is expected to launch next month, will be the first Windows Phone Mango phone launched worldwide.

With Mango will come the second wave of Windows Phone hardware, something that is crucial. While the actual Windows Phone software has generally been well received, the phones that were shipped with it were noted as boring, and the reviews were not off the mark. Also, as Mango is the prerequisite for Nokia to release its Windows Phone devices, the formal release of Mango into the market marks the start of the real second generation of WP7 devices.

The August release date certainly came to us by surprise, but it does coincide with previous reports saying that Imagine Cup finalists will be receiving Windows Phone “Mango” devices “by September”. However, notice that the NIKKEI article only states that the phone will be coming to the Japanese market towards the end of August, and no news indicates whether or not the phone (or any other Windows Phone “Mango” devices) will be released outside Japan during this timeframe.