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Google+ Project App for iOS to be released soon; waiting for Approval by App Store

Google+ Project App for iOS to be released soon; waiting for Approval from App Store

After the rumors and speculation Google announced its new social network site the Google + recently and after a few days, it also rolled out the application for Androids, but the iOS users were left alone. Anyway, Google has now submitted the App for iOS and waiting for approval.

The Social community site straightly targeting at facebook, the Google+ Project to be seen How the people all over the world approach it, it is to be seen that this would be a fail like its early community sites or success. With many new features of the Google+ Project the site surely keeps something different from other community sites out there. The Project hasn’t been fully released and still under test and construction to release it full fledged.

“For my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval,” Joy pointed out in a Google+ post. Later, she specified that the application is for iOS devices in general, not just the iPhone.

Meanwhile there has been rumor that Facebook is going to announce Skype Video chat on its site, it makes sense since as a community site video chat is surely a appreciable extension to the site and makes sense especially while knowing that Google+ project has the group video calling facility.

By the way, Google has promised to release APIs for programmers to build their own Google+ apps, so some powerful solutions can be expected when this happens and currently there hasn’t been Google+ application for honeycomb tablets.

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