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iPad 2 Jailbreak Released or Leaked? JailBreakMe 3.0 How to Video here

iPad 2 Jailbreak Released or Leaked JailBreakMe 3.0 How to Video here

It looks like the iPad 2 jailbreak solution has arrived earlier than expected, courtesy of a leak by a beta tester. The JailbreakMe 3.0 solution for the iPad 2 is now available for download but so far we’re hearing mixed reviews. It works for some while others have no luck. There are tools available to break virtually every device running iOS, from the iPhone and iPod touch to the Apple TV2. But up until recently there was no way to jailbreak an iPad 2 tablet.

Of course – like before – this is completely web based. All you’ll need is the iPad and an internet connection. An image that Comex released via his twitter a few weeks ago showed a man skiing, with a sign that had the letters ‘pdf’ on it – most likely referring to the pdf exploit used in the JailbreakMe tool. The current jailbreak site is the web address – – Looks like a new pdf exploit has worked!

Now keep in mind that the version currently floating around the web is rumored to be a beta release leaked by one of Comex’s beta testers. If this turns out to be true, you can be sure that it’ll be buggy. I mean, lets face it – the final release of a jailbreak is often buggy, so a beta is probably doubly so.

That being said, it seems like many people can’t wait another minute to break into their shiny iPad 2 and a couple glitches isn’t going to stop them. If you share that sentiment, you can click this link to get started. But, just warning you, jailbreaking is not foolproof. It may brick your device, and will definitely void your Apple warranty (if Apple finds out).

Today, a video has been posted on youtube which depicts that the JailBreakMe 3.0 has been leaked prior to the public release. It means that this version of JailBreakMe, which is assumed to be JailBreakMe 3.0 for iOS 4.3.3 is capable of JailBreaking your iPad 2 in the beta version itself. This is meant to be the developer version which could still have some bugs to be fixed.

Comex never mentioned on twitter or through any source that he would be seeding a developer beta of his iPad 2 JailBreak and for the same purpose, he required the testers. But as per the video, the person has JailBroken an iPad 2 running on iOS 4.3 through a userland JailBreak method. This method is quite similar to what we had seen in the JailBreakMe 2.0 where we had to open the safari, enter the specific url and then slide to JailBreak. However, it was a PDF exploit that was closed by Apple instantly.

This is how the JailBreakMe 3.0 works :

  • Open the mobile safari on your iPad 2 and enter this url
  • Once you have entered the url, the browser will be closed automatically. You will be prompted to a cydia icon with a downloading bar at the bottom of it which is absolutely normal.
  • As soon as the icon disappears, reboot your iPad 2 and. After the reboot, boom! you will find it JailBroken.
  • Other iDevices users can use this url.

    We will not advise you to follow the method neither we have tried it anyways. It could have some malware files included in the url which might be pushed to your iDevice during the cydia download. You should do everything at your risk or wait for the official iPad 2 JailBreak through the @comex’s announcement in the future.

    Jailbreaking involves the hacking of a device in order to unlock all its features. However, it is not as bad as it sounds, as many consumers simply wish to gain access to third-party developed software blocked by Apple.

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