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LockCircle Canon DSLR Aluminium Camera body cap priced at $100

LockCircle Canon DSLR Aluminimum Camera body cap priced at $100

Like many of you I have trouble shopping for what I need and then stopping. But it does take more then a bit of flash to get me to shell out my hard earned cash. Enter LockCircle a new body cap being made for Canon EF mount bodies and soon after Nikon F mount bodies. The Lock Circle camera body cap apparently solves a problem I didn’t know I had. Made of solid aluminum, it’s designed to keep your camera sealed in the most unpleasant environments. The textured side apparently makes it easier to grip. I’m not sure why I’d pay $99 for it though.

The cap, called the LockCircle, is a circular chunk of aluminum which twists snugly into the open lens mount of any Canon EF-mount SLR. In this manner it mimics exactly the function of the free plastic cap that came with the camera. But that’s not all. The LockCircle comes in three finishes: titanium, black or clear, and its knurled and dimpled styling makes your camera look like an old-fashioned dial telephone.

You’ll need a thick wallet in addition to your thick gloves though: unlike the plastic caps, which sell for a couple bucks on eBay, LockCircle caps will cost you $99 each.

Made from solid aluminum they’re designed to seal your camera from the elements and to provide a manageable grip even if you’re wearing thick gloves. The first batch is due to be released August 1st for Canon’s in silver, titanium, and black.

  • The LockCircle billett aluminum camera body cap is the ultimate eye catching accessory for your professional EF Mount camera!
  • The knurled edge and the exclusive finger-fit design provides extra-grip in every climate shooting session, designed for total functionality without compromise!
  • Machined from solid billett aluminum features sanded textured surface with clear, titanium or black anodized finish.
  • The highly precision EF bayonet locks the cap in position with a “swiss watch” feeling, providing the necessary seal from dust or moisture.
  • The LockCircle was designed from the ground up to the most seamless and functional camera professional body cap.

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